Xinlun New Materials donated 3 million medical masks to help the prevention and control of the epidemic in Baise, Guangxi

2022.02.09 Source:Xinlun

Drinking water of the same river, Shenzhen and Baise are one family. On February 8, Xinlun New Materials Co., Ltd. raised and donated 3 million medical masks produced by itself to Baise Charity Federation of Guangxi through Futian District Epidemic Prevention Headquarters in Shenzhen to help the epidemic prevention and control work in Baise, Guangxi.



Baise City is an old revolutionary base and a counterpart aid city of Shenzhen. During this critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Xinlun New Materials actively responded to the call of the epidemic prevention department of Futian District. Under the arrangement of Chairman Liao Yao, 3 million medical surgical masks were prepared overnight and shipped to Baise to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control and fulfill the corporate social responsibilities with practical actions.